Murray Cod

Fisheries Victoria Market Research Results

As an emerging industry development opportunity, Murray cod exhibited:

  • remarkable fish farming attributes including:

  • High stocking density tolerance,

  • Efficient food conversion,

  • Highly regarded eating qualities,

  • Large egg and yolk sac,

  • Established natural spawning methods,

  • High domestic price (at current levels of supply),

  • Medium – fast growth rates, and

  • Low – moderate oxygen requirements.

Although the taste tests were carried out in regions with varying backgrounds, the

results were fairly consistent and sent some clear messages.”

Murray cod was considered a potential candidate for each market. The fish had a:

  • high meat yield,

  • good taste,

  • appropriate fat content, and

  • no river or muddy odour.

It was considered to have:

  • an ideal size,

  • no fine fish bones,

  • a delicate texture, and

  • a sweet taste.