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Sustainable development incorporates recognition of not only economic prosperity, but also value to the ecological environment and society.

We establish land-based aquaculture ventures that are cost effective and efficient to operate, while conforming to site and owner considerations and the principles of the Federal government’s Ecologically Sustainable Development initiative. If unsure or want to learn more about aquaculture, the best advice AusAquaTec can provide is to simply experiment on a small scale. Australian aquaculture can be a world industry leader for creating prosperous sustainable production and profitable advancement. Jason Armstrong has been professionally involved in both aquaculture and hydroponics since 1998.

Aquaculture is often an expensive business with high demands; therefore, getting it right from the start is imperative. Ancillary ventures are often viable for expansion and diversification, including hydroponics, horticulture and agroforestry. Success and sustainability in aquaculture occur with appropriate: land and abundant quality water; feasibility analysis and evaluation; compliance with regulatory authorities; production, contingency and marketing management plans; resource synergism and integration; accurate acquisitions and facility construction; data monitoring, recording and analysis; and excellent husbandry and water quality management skills. AusAquaTec can assist with the entire process or any part thereof.


Our aim is to provide quality service, to build quality facilities so you produce quality products!


AusAquaTec’s philosophy is to operate knowledgeably and resourcefully to achieve perpetual sustainability and prosperous production.


To create prosperous aquaculture and hydroponic ventures utilising harmonious intensive technology yielding exceptional quality, well recognisable native and nutritional produce holistically complying with the ideals of ecologically sustainable development incorporating resource minimisation and regeneration through advancing agricultural techniques and research for the ethical benefit of the agricultural industry, the Australian community and our natural environment.

We Love Nature

AusAquaTec will provide a free preliminary assessment and quote (exclusive of travel costs if required) to those considering investing in aquaculture. AusAquaTec’s manager has science qualifications (BSc., Assoc.Dip.) in conservation technology, natural resource management and ecological agriculture, two years at the National Fishing Industry Education Centre, and experience in consultancy, environmental service (industrial filtration and emergency response), geographic information systems, marketing/sales, farming, horticulture, hydroponics, technician/manager of various native fish farms. AusAquaTec has a mobile analytical laboratory, specialised live fish transport (1 to 150kg of stock) service and emergency response service. Furthermore, AusAquaTec is affiliated with highly qualified specialists able to comprehensively assist.

Aquaculture & Hydroponic Services