Home Hydroponic Systems

Growing your own vegetables, herbs and fruit at home is becoming more popular lately, and whether growing in the soil, raised garden beds, in pots, and/or hydroponically, producing your own food has many advantages. 

Increase you food security!

The costs of producing food is increasing due to greater production costs, water shortages, land degradation, expanding urbanisation, global warming and increasing draughts, floods and bushfires etc. And as illustrated recently, even the effort of grocery shopping has become more challenging. Learn and be more independent from your reliance on the commercial food system. A well organised home fruit and vegetable garden need not be difficult and time consuming. Form a community of growers and join the urban farming movement.


No need for toxic chemicals

Fresh & Healthy

Your own backyard produce

100% Organic

Use your own compost

Save on Grocery Costs!

The costs of purchasing food in general is increasing significantly and a home fruit and vegetable garden can reduce grocery expenditure.

Producing Fruit, Vegetables & Herbs at Home is Healthy!

Most of the vegetable products purchased have been produced using pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, which all always contaminates the environment, and often long-term. In fact most chemicals don’t even reach the plant. These toxic chemicals do affect the quality of these foods. Fungicide use has recently scientifically shown that this chemical is increasing cancer rates. Growing at home organically provides substantial health benefits from better nutrition. Gardening and producing own food has been proven to increase ones own satisfaction and personal well being.

Unfortunately more and more fruit and vegetable can only be purchased in plastic wrapping and packaging. Plastics are manufactured from petro-chemicals which comprise endocrine disruptors and other toxic chemicals that literally affect every organism on Earth. Some plastics are recycled which consumes large amounts of energy, but much of our food packaging ends up in landfill, or worse, polluting our natural environment from the deepest oceans to the Himalayas.

Reduce Use of Plastic Packaging!


Reduce Transportation Impacts by Growing Locally!

Often our fruit and vegetables are sourced from other countries, and transport costs have many detrimental effects on our environment, particularly greenhouse gas emissions. Food production of certain fruits, vegetables and particularly herbs in general needs to occur closer to the markets.

Home Growing Does Not Need Much Space!

Just a few potted plants can be beneficial in providing health and financial advantages. A backyard vegetable garden need only be a couple of square metres. Popular greenhouses start at this size. Growing in three dimensions instead of two by growing vertically can be productive in small spaces.


Help Save Our Planet!

Growing food at home helps reduce agriculture water usage, soil degradation, habitat loss, greenhouse gas emissions which helps combat global warming. Growing at home helps save food wastage, as up to 30% of our waste is unconsumed food, which ends up in landfill contributing further to greenhouses gas emissions. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change states up 37% of all emissions come from the commercial food production system. Help eliminate chemical fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides from our environment and food. By growing your own food you harvest only when needed, and access can be given to friends, family and neighbours. Grow organically and benefit from an increased plant based diet, improving our own health and that of the planet.

Value of the Hydroponic Method

Growing in a home or community greenhouse hydroponic system allows fruit and vegetables to be grown out of the normal growing season. Greenhouses provide greater environmental control and are very beneficial in colder regions and during winter. Hydroponic growing usually produces faster growth by recreating the perfect growing environment for specific crops. All of the exact nutrients are supplied in hydroponic production and are readily and immediately available to the plant. Lower concentrations of nutrients can be used. The pH and temperature of the nutrient solution can be controlled to ensure optimal nutrient uptake. There are no losses of nutrients due to leaching.


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