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Ecologically Sustainable Agricultural Development

AusAquaTec provides consultancy and project management services for the commercialisation of intensive environmentally-controlled agriculture. We specialise in the culture of Australian freshwater native fish and crayfish as well as hydroponic production. This website aims to educate on sustainable aquaculture and hydroponics and inform of the practices and strategies engaged by us to illustrate the benefits of an ecologically sustainable agricultural future.

Why Invest in Intensive Agriculture

The Australian agricultural industry is one producer of commodities significant for our economy and one primarily able to combat any future trade deficits, is relatively recession proof, and simply one of our largest exports. Any part of our economy that is productive that produces real goods, food being the most critical and one that Australia does excel in, intrinsically becomes exponentially more valuable. This is why multi-national companies, other countries and the wealthiest people are buying large areas of Australian rural land. Considering additionally the fact that productive agricultural land is finite, many factors are indeed reducing suitable arable land, and the demand for quality food will always increase, sustainable efficient and effective agriculture will be profitable!


Specialising in Ecological Sustainability

Specialising in Australian native fish and crayfish utilising the most economically viable production methods, whether that be intensive recirculating aquaculture systems or commercial pond culture. Pond-based caged fish culture has enormous potential.

Industrial Hydroponics

Commercial hydroponics is one of the World’s fastest growing agricultural industries, succeeding for many reasons. Demand is growing and opportunities are developing for an increasing range of produce.


Aquaculture and hydroponics work together in complementary productivity and profitability, generating diversification strength and resource effectiveness.

Australian aquaculture was valued at
$700 million in 1999/2000, more than 25% of total national fisheries production (ABARE, 2000). “The gross value of production of Australian fisheries and aquaculture products was $2.2 billion in 2003-04. The Australian aquaculture industry share of this value was steadily rising and represents around 34%”, increasing 18% to $750 million (ABARE, 2006).

The gross value of Australian fisheries and aquaculture production (GVP) continues to grow, according to the ABARE Australian fisheries and aquaculture statistics 2017 report. The gross production value of
the industries increased by 1% to
$3.06 billion in 2016–17.

The value of commercial fishery and aquaculture production was 9 per cent higher compared to 2006–07, mainly through higher production value of aquaculture. Aquaculture GVP increased by 4% in 2016–17 to $1.35 billion (ABARE, 2018).

Intensive Agricultural Industries

Agriculture must be profitable and sustainable

Australian native fish that can be profitably cultured include Silver perch, such as the healthy farmed product above. Silver perch production is best suited to pond culture able to produce up to seven tonnes per hectare. Other highly profitable fish species include Barramundi and the very lucrative and highly sought after Murray cod. 

Australia has more crayfish species than any other continent, including the World’s three largest. The main commercially viable include the Marron, Red claw and the popular Yabby which has received up to $50 per kilogram. 

Commercial industrial-style hydroponic production is an ever expanding global industry, required to meet the demands of a growing population with limited, if not diminishing, suitable agricultural land. Benefits of hydroponics include 80% or more water use and incredible space-saving efficiencies, greater environmental control, significantly improved growth rates, and can be established just about anywhere. Technological advancements include light formulas and vertical farming developments. Profitable crop choices are varied ranging from strawberries as shown above, to the highly lucrative and world renowned Australian native foods.

AusAquaTec's predominant focus is helping produce food of the highest quality, with organic intentions, and of exceptional nutritional value. Our intensive production styles either works with nature and/or are exclusively contained to protect nature.

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